Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2 in 1 project

In Progress
My idea for the two in one project is a lollipop snail. This drawing has basically a snail on a stick with a shell of a lolipop. The medium or material I am using is a graphite pencil and a charcoal pencil.The reason i'm using these materials is because I find myself more precise when holding a pencil. I have started on my piece and so far there are no problems, I am making great progress in terms of finishing. Hopefully by the end of this week.
I thought that my piece of art was successful because, it was better than anything I ever drew in my life. The areas of this piece that I'm most proud of is the outlines of the snail, and the shadow towards the right of the snail. If was to change one thing though it would probably be the snails eyes because, if you look closer, the eyes are not really that detailed. I definitely wish I saw that when I finished. Obviously I have incorporated the "two in one" theme because, the shell of the snail is a lollipop, with a stick holding it. 

I hope you liked this piece Ms. Sudkamp