Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Relief Piece/ Sculpture Project

A caterpillar turning into a butterfly

Artists Takes Risks 

Yes, I used strings of yarn for my relief piece. And if you don't know what relief is, it is a flat background with bumps on it. The bumps are there to stick out. The color of it is used from oil pastel.

Artist Develop Art Making Skills

I learned how to shape yarn into familiar objects such as the butterfly, caterpillar, etc. And I used oil pastel for the first time. And I go to say that its is very easy to use. I feel like I gained more skill with oil pastel than the yarn because, my yarn is a little messy.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Shibori art post

The pieces of Shibori art i'm about to show you is by an artist named Michael Smith. Michael Smith is a Shibori artist who makes fashion designs and patterns. Michael Smith is from Washington D.C and his birthday is September 30.

Here are some of pieces
  Shibori Detail 

I think the type of style he uses in his dyes is Suji dye. I can tell by how the patterns are arranged and sorta all over the place. His artwork is more gallery design. Just imagine a bunch of these in a gallery than a retail. I picked Michael smith because, his work caught my attention more than the other artists work. What attracted me to the work is the difference in the colors in some sections.

Monday, May 5, 2014


My perspective project has a picture of the Greensboro Aquatic Center. This piece is a two point perspective because, it's on the horizon. This is what fuels me.
Why this?
As you probably know I'm a swimmer. Only five people in my family swim including me, I have watched the ACC championship meet here to watch my cousin swim, and most of my swim meets takes place in this center. My cousin has qualified for the 2016 Olympic trials.

Artist Communicate Through their work
1) The is artwork is intended to say that this is what my life is and where it happens
2) The issues that I see in this artwork is the lack of detail within the drawing of the Greensboro Aquatic Center
3) This artwork tells you that I am a swimmer and I love to swim most of my time

Artists take risks
1) I tried something I wasn't too sure of, which was making the road sloppy, the center not white, etc.
2) I didn't try anything new, once again I am more comfortable with color pencils than any other materials